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Originally Posted by JT_Munkey View Post
I'll risk the flame since you mentioned the "spare no details" part. I'll admit that I'm blessed to have such good parents. My first car was a 2004 G35 coupe which I eventually sold because I wanted a manual. Second car was a 1995 Mitsu. 3000GT 5spd that was involved in a accident so instead of car shopping, my parents gave me my sister's BMW since having a car would help me get around for college that following year. Since then everything that deals with the car has been paid for by me since it's only fair that I pay for my own hobby. In terms of paying for parts and maintenance, I worked a minimum wage job and help co-run my friend's clothing company. I guess I'm a part of the small percentage of college student that has it fairly good
Nah man no flaming here. I like the honesty. Sounds liek youve had some nice cars. Was the 3000GT a VR4?