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Two totally different beast...I came from an AP2 before I got my 06 E90. I needed more space and the livability of a 4 door so that is the reason I jumped into a sports sedan. Long story short, the S2000 is a great automobile that deserves a great deal of respect via handling prowess, connectivity of driver with machine, reliability and pure driving pleasure. I truly do miss my 06 S, I DD her without any problems and so far way more reliable when compared to my 330i (currently gotta fix steering angle sensor, door actuator, driver mid range speaker...) Overall the s2000 is great as a 2nd vehicle or a fun car to take out, it is possible to DD (as I mentioned before) but with the limited 2 seats and lack of luggage space I began to see the impracticalities the car possessed. I would very highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that wants a reliable, somewhat quick and most of all great handling sports car. If you have any questions regarding the S, i'll give my honest opinion. Subscribed!

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