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Originally Posted by notasensei View Post
sorry for spamming the thread here but appreciate the feedback! Looks like there are many guys on there were "ex-s2k-er" !! I would like to add though, I think there are some "common" issues with the S2000, one of them being driver's wheel bearing are somewhat problematic, I searched on S2Ki and found many threads related to it. But then again I guess all cars have their sore spots (*cough BMW electronics *cough) The reason I bring it up because the car I test drove had an apparent "clicking" noise coming from driver side rear ...supposedly a common problem.

I am still looking around and I think if I find a good S2K I may hop on it. I remember when I used to drive the STi, I didn't really pay much respect to those in when I see one I can't take my eyes off of it, only imagining if I was driving one!

Its a loose axle nut, needs to be re-torqued