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Originally Posted by GRLPWR View Post
Most people want to "fit in", so they will do what everybody else is doing. It takes self-confidence and a creative mind to step outside the box and be different w/o being cocky and gaudy. I believe there are limits and lines not to cross when customizing, but those limits/lines are only what one believes in and will never be pleasing in everyone's eyes.

With that said, I think your car is clean, not over the top. You took a bold step with the choice in color - especially w/the interior - but I've seen WAY worse and at least it flows. Again, you will NEVER please everyone and if everyone had the same taste, the automotive scene would be terribly boring. If I took to heart the negative comments people have said about my past/current mods, I might as well have just gotten a Prius (no offense, I'm sure those can be modded too) and called it a day. Keep doing what you do and keep us posted on your next project......although I still don't understand the camber/stretch look. It's all good 'cuz it's not for me to understand.
Well said. I get the stretch.......its an incorrect fitment but not sure why anyone would do it to a car if they were concerned about handling at all. Some obviously like the look.