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Originally Posted by Awfully_Polite View Post

Looking at it logically.

I didnt say say my account was hacked by someone on here. I did say that I have my hotmail, facebook, E90post set to remember password, so I don't have to type it in everytime.

In regards to me posting on threads whilst I was out of country, that clearly is not the case. As for accusing you of being my ex lover. Erm, as funny as that might be I don't think that happened pal.

Furthermore, My apology thread has been up for over a week now, and you had plenty of time to raise any concerns that you might have. I would have been happy to apologise.

It just seems childish that after commenting on your thread last night You waited half hour or so and then decided to go off on some kind of rant. I mean what were you thinking? Be little me? Accuse me unfairly? Shame me into leaving the forum?

Everyone can take the mic, you couldve taken the mic out of me and I would've taken it in good faith, all part of the banter and all that.

But you decided to go on all animous, and I still don't understand why? because I made a comment on your thread?

It is for these reasons why I cannot issue an apology. As clearly you sought an opportunity to vent whatever frustrations you may have in your life.

Always has to be something dodgy hey Kaspa.
You have no logic, so don't kid yourself.

I didn't say anybody on here hacked your account, I simply said someone hacked your e90 post account.
You don't need to convince me about not being online but the people you clearly offended. You have been sending me private messages about you and your past with someone so don't deny it now. I still have all the messages if you want me to broadcast what your really like (opposite of polite boys).
To your point about not acting sooner. Firstly unlike you I have a life. Secondly im not the kind of person who plays up to little internet name callers like you. I just turned a cheek to the messages thinking you will get the message and piss off but when you continued your babyish antics on my thread last night I thought fuck this, I don't need to take shit off this prick (exactly what went through my head).

I don't want to take the mic, have a laugh etc... Because I don't know you and have much better things to do with my time. I don't care if you leave the forum or feel be littled, simply just stay out my way.

Nowhere have I asked for an apology either so I'll live without it. Im on this forum because of all the great people on here and it's a very helpful/friendly place but people like you bring shame on e90 drivers.

P.s he called me a 'Fassy' for owning a 320 diesel in one PM, so all 320D drivers make of this what you want.