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Originally Posted by driverman View Post
I'm interested in buying a Wavetrac or Quaife diff with lower gearing (higher ratio) than stock to improve acceleration. Did some of you that bought these units also change your ratios? If so, what ratios did you go with and are you happy with the outcome?

I believe these are the stock ratios:

- 325i 3.23
- 325xi 3.38
- 328i 3.23
- 328xi 3.38
- 330i 3.15
- 335i 3.08
- 335xi 3.08

- 325i 3.73
- 325xi 3.91
- 328i 3.73
- 328xi 3.91
- 330i 3.64
- 335i 3.46
- 335xi 3.46

I bought the Wavetrac and love it. I have 20K hard miles on it without issue. I went with the stock 3.08 gear. With Quaife/Wavetrac the only choice you have is the 3.08 and 3.46. I cant hold traction in 1st and 2nd with the 3.08 so the 3.46 for me wasn't an option. My buddy has the 3.46 in his 335 and it does accelerate hard, although not as hard as mine He doesnt put the power down that I do so his drives great. Expect 5-600 more rpms in 6th on the freeway.