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Originally Posted by fitchesbass View Post
Probably depends how old you and your kids are...

Nothing like a fancy car and home with limited savings - seems like the American 'norm' any more. I think a lot of folks think their entitled to a fancy car or home - hence perhaps the not thinking that your spending excessively (just a thought). If I had kids and no savings, I'd likely sell my car soon after for a change of priorities. I certainly don't need a Z4M

Speaking of cars: I enjoy some people that look at my Z4M and go on about the expense/cost of my car (because of how it looks)... but then go out and spend more by buying (aka taking out a loan) on a loaded Ford SUV for $40k + .

I have heard my co-workers bitching, complaining, calling me spoiled, not needing this job..........just because i own a BMW. I laugh at them every time they say it, and its kind of hard to say "i am not rich" without them not making a stupid comment like "YEAAA RIGHT, is that why you drive that sick ass bimmer" lmfaoo . My 2004 ZHP probably costs about 1/3 of the Chevy Volts, prius hybrids and toyota camry's that most of them drive.