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Originally Posted by engotski View Post
Looks good. Nothing against them, just not much review of the product so I based my opinion on that. Opening headlights isnt plug and play, umnitza rings are proven solid and have life time warranty. Im sure you're backing up your friends at 180 and Im actually a fan of their work but im just not sure about the orbs
When it comes to mods on my car, there are no such thing as friend. I wonder why u would say something like that? I went with them simply because I seen their work and was very impressed. If you do post info, please post concrete info to back up your claims and not just hear say. I thought you heard negative things about these orb rings and I was curious, but if you saying there hasn't been enough reviews on them, I can understand your consumer concern. I didn't know OSS had lifetime warranty. Thats pretty awesome. I hope my AE will last for a long time. We will see. Sorry for coming on this thread, but I was reading and had a concern when you posted about these orbs that's I just had installed on my car!