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I don't drive my car all that often and it sucks balls that the HPFP finally got me

I have been experiencing the car shut down on power when I went Half throttle and or WOT. The car would just stop as its being cutoff. Took car out today and went WOT and it's was pulling until about 4500 rpms and then the loudest backfire I have ever heard, like a gun shot!!! Lol. Then the SES light which before it just stumbled and after stopping the car would idle all weird and stuff like misfiring, but turning on and off the car, everything was normal again until I went half or full throttle. Look at codes and I have all the usual suspects. 2a2d, 2aaf, and 29dc that it's a failing HPFP Sucks balls as I only have 10K on the odometer. Freaking water pump went out on me at 7000k. This car really sucks sometimes.