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Originally Posted by shortseller View Post
We all have the HPFP extended warranty, 10y/120k, so don't sweat it guys!
i have no warranty on my car anymore as it is expired as of June this year, and I am going to bring the letter of the 10year/120k with me to the dealership fully bolted on! lol I could imagine the look they will give me, but this is not a warranty issue here, but a recall of a defective part! Do you guys think they will give me shit about my bolt ons? They can't deny me warranty for a part thats on recall correct regardless if I am modded or not?

For those that had issues with their HPFP...besides the misfires, did anyone also get a huge loud BACKFire in the exhaust then coupled with SES light? I read alot of people just get misfires and then SES...I was pushing the car hard when it happened.