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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
Well said. I get the stretch.......its an incorrect fitment but not sure why anyone would do it to a car if they were concerned about handling at all. Some obviously like the look.
If you read the thread you would figure out what I like and that I am looking to slam my car to an unreasonable lowness and get the widest fit I can. Why? Because that's what I like and it's not going to change

I have different priorities than probably 99% of the people on here, and I don't expect a lot of people to understand it. The only people that understand are the other people that have the same priorities as me.

With that being said I respect the comments that ask why, but I don't respect people coming in my thread and being jackasses. If you think it looks "ugly", you "hate" it, or have bad things to say about my car then you are a being rude. Being rude is lame as fuck.

If you don't like it move on and go find something you like. No one is forcing anyone to look at this thread.

End rant. Back on topic!