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The road version of the following engine is the kind of engine that in a boxer configuration should be installed in the Toyobaru... I will keep asking for it - 1.6 litre 4 cylinder direct injection turbo-charged :

Commenting on the announcement of Honda's new racing engine HR412E, Daisuke Horiuchi, the WTCC Development Project Leader at Honda R&D said:

“In the continuous technological development of an internal combustion engine, the thermal efficiency is the essential key for improvement. And a race engine is not an exception. This HR412E was born from such thought process: aiming for higher efficiency.“

“The HR412E heralds a new generation of high performance racing engines from Honda. All engineers at the R&D centre in Tochigi have worked hard to develop a race engine that will deliver great driveability to our racing drivers, with no compromise on peak power performance.“

“We believe the innovations that have led to this revolutionary engine will also lead to benefits beyond the race track, helping us to further increase the efficiency of our road car engines.“