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The Two Week Update

Well, I've now had the new (to me) 335i for a touch over two weeks, have to say, I'm still wildly in love with this car. I came from a 2008 A4 (some pictures in my intro thread here) and I'm not missing that car much at all these days. There are a couple things here and there that the Audi does better but taken as a whole, the 335i is certainly the better car, IMO. Now that I've had some seat time to get familiar, I think I can pretty fairly give my likes and dislikes.

- The N54 (Powerband, smoothness, fuel efficiency, everything)
- Suspension is beautifully dialed in, yet still very comfortable
- RWD. I don't see much snow where I live now so the benefits far out weigh the drawbacks when compared to AWD... lots more fun
- Sport seats are perfectly bolstered and very comfortable
- Buttons, pockets, storage space, etc... all seem to be in exactly the right place, someone clearly thought this car through
- Great looking exterior on the E92 and I'm very happy w/ the colour I chose, a breeze to maintain
- Tons of rear seat space, 2 adults can actually fit back there comfortably
- Golf clubs can fit horizontally in the trunk

- Mediocre materials on the touchable surfaces
- Terrible iPod connectivity (am I missing something or can you really not change the song through the car?)
- Windshield wipers (were rain sensors an option? I push in the end of the stalk for "automatic wipers" and it does next to nothing, I assume I don't have the correct equipment)

I've also had time for a few small mods in these couple weeks so here's what I've done so far:

Colour matched sidemarkers and bumperplugs to fill the holes of the front plate of the PO.

40% Solargard Supreme (wanted 3M crystalline but it was back ordered). The heat rejection on the Solargard doesn't even come close to the Huper Optik I had on the last car but it'll do for a while.

Debadged and a new license plate frame out back.

BMW performance shifter, boot, and e-brake.

Upcoming mods will probably include a custom m-tech steering wheel, m-sport front bumper, a new set of OEM wheels, and a tune when I finally get bored of the stock power. As it stands now I think I've knocked out all the little mods I want to (unless you guys have some other suggestions) so it'll soon be time to tackle these bigger mods. We'll see how it goes .

Anyways, I know I kind of drew this thread out so thanks for looking guys. Any comments, criticisms, or questions are more than welcome.
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