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Originally Posted by ja. View Post
Hello there I am just curious and would appreciate an answer. i tried to find answer from the last 3 pages but there are just too much infos lol. my ticking noise is not as bad as the vid where a newspaper is referenced for the date however i DO hear ticking noise on my drivers side wheel. it is less noticeable when the hood is up but when its closed you can dfntly hear it! i found this video and would want to inquire if this is actually a good sound engine.

car is 2008. appreciate your responses guys!
Not the lifters. Hopeful, someone can pick up on this sound.

Originally Posted by othomasjr View Post
I finally got my receipt and it says the drag levers were replaced. Can anyone help me with this? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I took the car in for a new head (lifters were replaced previously) and they ended up replacing the drag levers and telling me this is the new fix. I'm really confused now and this dealer service department is notoriously impossible to deal with. Frankly, they suck. Anyway, at this point I just wish I had left the car alone because the ticking was better than my car sounding like a diesel.
This is new,

If you could post the invoice with personal info. blocked, maybe someone can get the latest TSB from BMW.
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