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Originally Posted by Biohazard29 View Post
FYI, if you have the car tuned like I have you can change the entire way it drives. This car is not about speed, it is about driving. When I run on the road courses I can beat almost all of the cars that are faster than the the S because anyone can put their foot down on the pedal and go fast in a straight line, but in the corners it is a whole different world. Maintaining momentum and being smooth is key.

With tuning, My low cam for vtec kicks in at 3700 rpm. I don't have to ring the motor out, cause I am always in the power band and never dip out of it.
I never said the car was about speed or that it was slow, I understand it's a car that is meant for road courses and track. I was just saying that the s2k is a whole lot different then the his previous cars that had plenty of power and torque. I have an s2k myself so I know this car is not about speed.

Not everyone wants to tune the car and can enjoy it as is. Your tune sounds good for track use, but not sure if I have it set that low for daily since I'll be in vtec virtually the whole time.
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