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The most Torco I would run is 2- 32oz cans per 10 gals. Adding more after that it does absolutely nothing and caps out a 101 octane. This has been proven by independent testing. The ratings that Torco gives on the can is incorrect. The numbers below were an independent test done with very accurate equipment and other shops got identical results when they tested them as well. I can try to dig up an old thread with more info but it may take me a while. I build some very high power mustangs on the side. The pump gas street cars that I build in the 700-800rwhp range we run 2 32oz cans per 10 gals of 93octane. However you are going to go through spark plugs very frequently depending how much you run the torco so beware. It puts an orange/copper color coating on the plugs and after a while the car will start to misfire. You will see your exhaust turning this color as well. So be prepared to change your plugs often.

Follow the link below for the table, you may have to sign up to see it, for some reason this forum will not let me post it correctly. The #s Torco gives on the can are rated using RON-(Research octane). The #s that you see at the pump and that we talk about are PON. Which is RON+MON(motor octane) \ 2. RON #s are higher then what you would see at the pump. This is not what you want to go by. The can is a little misleading.

Try this link

If you cant view it I will try to break it down better.

32oz + 5 gals of 93= 101
32oz + 10 gals of 93= 98
32oz + 15gals of 93 = 96

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