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Originally Posted by Wawa View Post
Okay I got so damn ripped of that I feel I need to share this with you guys!

Letís make the story short.
Few months ago I was looking for a BMW 3-serie on ebay, found a guy that was selling one but I passed to buy it. Here comes the BIG mistake I did, I contacted this ebayer by the nick name silviogallone aka Convoy Motors LLC.

Anyways we started to email and he explained he repaired salvage BMW and he did excellent repairs that couldnít be spotted, he also tested the cars for 2 weeks before he sold them, so that everything worked proper.
So we decided on a car and I gave him a deposit that it would be mine. Anyways one day he emails me that the transmission didnít work as smooth as it should, so he will need to fix it and the price would be higher because of that. I did not want to pay that price so he would now try to sell it to someone else. I tried to get my deposit back but he refused and said that he must sell the car first and then he would pay me back. Weeks were passing by and he is still working on the transmission and he already has a buyer he told me.

As for now I felt I would not see my deposit that was almost $7k!
So a couple months later he emailed me and told me he had a BMW 3-serie for sale that was loaded with options and had only a few miles on it. It was soon to be finished and it was in "excellent condition", that was his own words. I thought maybe I should take it and maybe not lose my deposit as I felt I would if I wouldnít get anything (stupid me). So I decided to buy that car and he would get the check for the rest when he delivered the car to the freight company.

Now here comes the BIG surprise of my life.
The car arrives I go and pick it up, I notice FLAT TIRE is symbol is on and the Car service Engine also. I thought what kind of dealer sells a car with warning lights on! Anyways I drive home and try not to think much before I inspect it closer.

I get it home and look it up, I got so pissed of that I understood I got ripped BIG TIME by this Silvio Gallone aka Convoy Motors LLC.
I found so many errors that I couldnt belive there would be someone out there that would sell a car for that price in this condition, it looked as it was repaired by a 5 year old kid. The front bumper and hood was not aligned, could find cracks in paint and see the filler underneath the paint, horrible look! Also one side, both doors were not aligned at all, really looked like sheit. The best of all was the fender were it seemed to been hit, that was really bad repaired with filler that it looked like a kid just thrown some filler balls on the car and no paint after it (I got picture to show you guys).

It doesnít stop here, no no, I try out some stuff in the car to see if they work, I try the washer and nothing happens, after I step out of the car I finally see where everything goes, everything pours out on the floor by the wheel, NICE! Oh I hit the horn, doesnít work?! wtf...
Next day I demount the bumper and fender etc and find out that the washing system didnít have 2 hoses so it was not even connected. And behind the bumper I find that there are only cables and no damn horns installed, I buy and install them and still donít work, after a few hours I find a broken cable, wow!

Okay this will never stop guys but let me tell you this one too, when I get the car up on the lifts I get another surprise, the whole damn plastic cover that covers the car from under is all missing! So I go and buy all the plastic covers from the rear to the front and when installing them I find out that I even missing a frame that goes from one wheel to the other that stabilize the car and that I need it to attach the plastic!

This story goes on...

So anyways I emailed this Silvio Gallone and tell him what is up, how come he screwed me over like this? I get an email back like 3 weeks later and this is his words "I know the car left in a big rush but still we have no excuses to have delivered a car that needed finishing and details to be done."
Is this guy a joke or what, it left in a rush? What dealer would send a car in this shape, big scammer!

In the last email he wrote "I would like to straight things up with the BMW" after I emailed him there is no more response at all.
Anyways I spent like $4k on parts and $2k on labor to get the car fixed proper, and not even mentioning how much time I had to spend by running around to get everything done.

So I just warn you guys for this dealership or whatever it should be called CONVOY MOTORS LLC aka Silvio Gallone = BIG ASSHOLE!
That sucks. I put a deposit on a car I bought online but I didnt finalize the deal until I saw it in person. The work done the door hinge pillar you have shown a picture of is horrendous. I am a professional bodyman and being "rushed" is no excuse for that.
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