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Originally Posted by madmanhiker View Post
Guys - I must WARN you - 2 cans is WAY TOO MUCH in a 10 gallon amount.

PLEASE view this mixture link straight from TORCO.

For 101 Rating (assuming you are mixing with 93 PREMIUM), you do 51 OZ. of TORCO to 15 US GALLONS. Look at the mixture PDF - download it and print it out. Mechanics will know HOW you blew a seal or a rod because the inside of your engine will be bright orange from too much MMT.

Be careful Sam335ix.
That chart is not correct in a sense because they are using RON ratings. Please read my post above in detail. Do you understand what RON, MON and PON ratings are? It is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve 107(PON) octane with 93 pump gas using Torco. You can use all the Torco in the world, it will cap out a 101 octane, period. That chart is rated in RON which is HIGHER! When we talk about fuels ex. 91, 92, 93 octane( you get at the pump) that is PON. R+M/2 this is what you get at the pump. The ratings you are showing are not PON, therefore you really are not getting 107 octane. Please understand fuel ratings. Trust me I have been running this stuff for a LONG time in other vehicles. I know the mixtures. It works. Dont believe me fine. I guess the many of 700-800rwhp pump gas street cars I have built that are still living today dont mean anything.

1-32oz can to 15gals is only 96 octane not a 100 rating like you mentioned in your first post.

Using 2 32oz cans to 10 gals will not hurt anything. It will not damage your rods or "seals".

Please tell me how it will damage the rods using to much Torco? I would love to hear this one....

It doesnt matter if you use 1 32oz can, 2, 3, 4 etc, it will turn the plugs, tops of the pistons and your exhaust orange, regardless of quantity.