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You are right its very foolish..... Its only been working in 9 second street cars that I have built and been using it in for the past 7 years plus the other thousands of people that have success with it in cars that make more then double what these N55s are capable of.

Per the chart you posted. They are saying 64oz in 10 gals to get 107octane. My point is, that it is not a true 107 octane. Because they do not use a PON rating and yes it DOES matter what rating you use. A 107 PON rating and a 107 RON rating are a HUGE difference! It can be as much as 6 points. You guys see the big deal with tunes with a 2 point octane difference from 91 to 93 and how critical it is to run the correct octane even at those low levels. If you are tuning your car thinking you have 107 but its really 101 then bad things can happen. I am trying to provide correct info for the people that may not know. Now if you choose to listen or not thats fine. I know what works, I have been using this stuff for a LONG time. I have provided the facts and I know for a fact that this Torco tops out at 101(PON) octane, nothing more.

Tell me this. Whats the difference in running 1 32oz can in 5 gals vs running 2 32oz cans in 10 gals?? NOTHING! Its the same mixture! so please tell me how its foolish? Also I am still waiting to hear how it will "blow a rod"