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Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Looks great. I honestly think the coupe's look best minimally modded.
I agree, I'm very much into the OEM+ style of modding.

Originally Posted by research View Post
Looks great! What plans for the steering wheel? Part alcantara I sense? (thinking of this myself)
Some sort of take on the m-sport wheel. Right now I'm thinking a little extra padding with blue/white/blue stitching. I don't like the chrome on the stock steering wheel trim and I don't want to put any m-badges on my car, so I'm thinking I'll wrap that centre cover in matte black vinyl. Thinking of adding some alcantara to the mix.

Originally Posted by richard in NC View Post
Looks great. A few comments on your notes:
2008 may have the USB/iPod connectivity as an option. If you have the USB and headphone jack in the console, you have it. You need a black Y cable for connectivity. If iDrive it should show Aux devices and your iPod. If not, it's still selectable thru the radio and should show playlists and songlists for selecting, skipping them.

For rain sensing wipers, press the end button once for a quick wipe and to activate. Use the wheel just next to the end to adjust sensitivity. I always do full up.
I do have the "aux in" jack in the console and a Y cable (could I have the wrong one?), no iDrive though. I hit the "Audio" button and have the three options of "Tuner", "CD", and "Aux" (or something similar), I don't have an option for "iPod". I obviously choose the "Aux" and it can play the iPod and adjust the volume, but it can't charge it or change songs. Frustrating.

As per wipers, that's what I've been doing, I find even with the knob full up, I can hardly see out the window by the time it decides to wipe. Maybe my sensor is dirty or faulty or something like that (or non-existant), where would it be located? If I don't have one is there a way to change the time interval of when it wipes?

Thanks for taking a run at those questions for me BTW Richard.

Originally Posted by edirtaynine View Post
damn that paint looks super clean! nice

i would suggest gloss black front grilles and gloss black shadowline trim.
The paint is very clean, it looks like the PO was as meticulous as I am (my good camera and photoshop also help the cause ). I'll be getting a full professional detail this fall as well.

I actually have gloss black grilles and shadowline sitting in my garage, I'm just undecided on whether or not I want to use them. Right now I'm kind of liking the grey/silver theme, if I get bored I think I'll add some black to the mix.
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