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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
Wow! If you are in London and stop by I'd love to see more pics.

I just bought my first Art Car model (Jeff Koons M3 GT2) a few weeks ago as a gift for my about-to-be 2 year old daughter, as she was at the dealer with me and was mesmerized by the one on display.

Now I, surely neither the first nor the last, have been reading up on the BMW Art Car history and have become inspired to attempt to collect all 17 art cars (and an additional Koons car so I still have one when my daughter takes hers with her one day) and display them in a large shelved glass case.

I hope this exhibit makes its way to the states one day as it would be amazing to see these beauties in person.

My favorites are the 850 CSI, the Andy Warhol M1, and the Koons M3 GT2. You Brits are lucky to have this in your backyard!
The exhibition was great, but I'm not the best photographer in the world, so the lighting conditions gave me some problems.

Any way I uploaded to my Facebook public gallery here

Here's one of two I like:

Like I say more here: Any way I uploaded to my Facebook public gallery here
... and it includes a quick visit to Park Lane BMWi .. i8 looks better in the flesh than in pictures, no doubt.