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FS: 19 inch M6 OEM wheels/tires *NorCal

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19 inch M6 OEM BMW wheels *Additional pictures on post #9*

Front wheels Tires
8.5x ET 12 Hankook V12 95% tread 215/19/35 (you can still see the rubber Hankook print on the first tread)

Rear wheels Tires
9.5x ET 17 Falken 452 95% tread 225/19/35 (all treads are THICK, Falken 452 has narrower side wall for stretch look)

I have had these for 3 weeks and will be off the car and for sale by the 5th week (Aug 14,'12), I bought them for August car meets and back to my old stock set up. Wife doesn't like spoke wheels, her style are BBS LM style so I will shoot for that next.

Will fit BMW E90's no matter what suspension, stock, sport, aftermarket (I am using ST V1 coilovers, max drop rear, front is 5-6 perch turns before max drop)

Wheels are road force balance, no shaking/vibration in car/steering wheel at 90mph, I don't drive over 90mph, nor do I want to try. (I'm not reckless anymore).

Wheels have no cracks, no bends, straight, and true.

I am the 2nd owner of the wheels, previous owner had them for almost a year. All wear and tear is from previous owner, not me. Minor curb rashes, dings, wear, and tear as expected with any wheel set up.

I will be at the Stoneridge Mall meet in Pleasonton, CA on Aug 10, and EurosWeGo meet in Livermore, CA on Aug 12, if you want to personally look at them.

They will be detailed to the best of my ability with Sonax and Iron X and again after they come off my car.

FYI, I need my TPMS on these wheels, recommend to balance these wheels again once you purchase them, considering how small TPMS is, I don't think it'll make a difference.

I will entertain local and shipping, locals $1600, shipped by help of local vendor to west coast, Texas, Mid-West, NYC, Miami $1700 by FedEx (will be cheaper to pick up at FedEx warehouse).

Ride quality is solid, flush, stretch, poke all in one set up. I can ride with confidence that my baby and wife are safe. Bumps to fender wells only occur at freeway dips (normal) rarely happens because I know my roads and know where are the mini potholes, all four fenders are rolled for precaution, I can still add 12mm rear spacer and still be fine, no need to shave bumper tabs for me. Merging lanes, going up/down ramps no problem. The wheels will not meet the road when turned, no curb rash there, complete U-turns are no problem.

These are my only pictures for now, if you want any other angles and close ups, just ask on the thread. I will add pictures of the back of the wheels once they are off.

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