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Tire Rack is amazing

I have always purchased tires from them because I love their selection and most of all the service. This is probably my 6th or 7th order from them. They typically ship and get things to me the next day out of the Delaware warehouse. I just had an issue with a tire shipped to me that was out of round. It was unable to be resolved with balancing the tires twice. I ended up having to have a new tire sent to me and have roadforce balancing done.

Long story short they footed the bill for the second mount and roadforce balance and shipped me the replacement tire the next day. They handled everything with complete professionalism and always have. I plan to never buy a tire from a local shop again.

Props to all at Tire Rack and especially Ty, Cindy, and Gary. I urge everyone to start their shopping there for tires, wheels, and suspension. You may pay a little more in some cases but it is %100 worth it.