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Ive been looking into PHs for awhile now but never actually got any. I too felt that I could do it naturally at my age. Im 22 and have been up and down as far as weight gain. I was at 195 senior yr in high school mainly bc of football. a year after graduating i dropped to 150 to try and get more cut, took it a little too serious and looked sick lol..then I started wanting to gain muscle mass but minimize fat. I now sit at abt 167-169 at 6% body fat. Im trying to gain atleast to a solid 175 or so but its taking forever..ive maintained 169 for abt 8 months now. I know its probably my diet, i think i Just need more calories. My problem is im nervous to eat too much bc i do NOT want to go back to 195. RambleJ , where at in LC are you? i live in las colinas as well.

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