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Stock E92 2009 335i autocross understeer/plowing issues

Need some basic advice here...

Newbie autocrosser, I've been out 4 times now (3 times last year, once this year). Switched from the stock runflats to Michelin PS2's this year, but otherwise completely stock E92 2009 335i (sport package, steptronic, 18" wheels -- anything else you need to know?).

I was running the cold tire pressure at 35 for the fronts and 39 for the rears (3 PSI higher than the factory recommended settings of 32/36).

My impression (from in the car, and from watching other 335i's on the course) is that the 335i has A LOT more body roll than the M3 (which is to be expected, for sure). I feel like I'm just plowing through corners with major understeer, having to slow down much more than feels necessary in order to turn effectively.

BTW, I think the accelerating and braking are great. Of course, I have the DTC turned off. On a side note, I do think the PS2's were easier/faster to recover from the backend sliding than the stock Bridgestone runflats were last year (or maybe I'm just driving better now?).

So my questions are...
- Is it my driving? Should I just slow down more for the corners?
- Is it the tire pressure? In another post, someone said they ran cold pressures of 45 front / 42 rear. Should I go higher in general? Should the front be higher than the rear?
- Is it just the stock 335i? And if it is, then what are the mods that would be the biggest bang for the buck for tight autocross cornering?
- Or maybe I'm just completely missing the point and you have other advice... feel free... :-)