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definitely two turbos.
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Nice! I think it looks awesome as is!!

I like Audi's sport packages cuz they are right on point - especially the titanium package you had.

Some more wiper info:

Automatic wipers are actually manually activated when rain first falls (first notch up on the right stalk). The "automatic" part comes in where the car varies the wiping speed depending on rain intensity. You can adjust the sensitivity using the sub-knob on the front of the right stalk.

If you leave it at this setting and rain stops while you're driving, the wiper stops wiping. If rain resumes, it resumes wiping on its own and you don't need to adjust anything. That's the second "automatic" part about it.

When you switch off the car though, everything is disabled and you do it all over again when you next encounter rain. Seems tedious at first, but is really easy to deal with when you get to know the car. I remember that this is how it also worked with the B7?
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