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I'm not sure how many of you have been following the main E90post picture game thread here, but it seems pretty cool, and I thought it might be fun to start one up a little closer to home that is more personal and specific to our region.

Similar rules (with one small addition to make it more regional in rule 7):
How to play:

Pick a person, place, or thing to take a picture with that has a BMW in it. The first person who posts with the picture that satisfies the request gets to pick the next request and also gets a point.

Note: please try to make the requests doable so that the game can continue.

1) No photochop. (shop, yes. chop, no).

2) Please only post pictures of YOUR BMW, this way you will actually have to go out and take a picture if necessary.

3)No duplicates - let's be creative (but feel free to steal an idea from the other E90post thread - just make sure it complies with rule #7).

4) If you are the poster who meets the picture challenge, please put your next request in a BOLD and BIGGER font so it's easy to find.

5) IF the challenge isn't met within 7 days the person who put the challenge up then has 24 hours to complete the challenge themselves. If they cannot complete their own challenge, they are docked one point and then pick a new challenge.

6)No challenge is to be made that involves any of the following:

* illegal activities (this includes, but is not limited to: guns, drugs, street racing, thievery, and sexual activities involving minors).
* currency (the participants of this game will not be limited to those with immediate access to large amounts of funds. There is one thing that we each share, regardless of the size of our bank accounts - and that is the fact that we each drive some flavor of one of the greatest cars ever made.)
* Nudity
* Destruction of one's own property or any piece of public property

7)Make it something that anyone in the Midwest/Rockies can do. That means someone in Colorado can't require a picture of a fourteener and someone in the midwest can't choose a farm animal (that includes KU cheerleaders for those of you who live in Lawrence ).

I'll start with the first request:

A picture of your BMW in front of your favorite mountain/hill/pile of dirt if you live in the plains somewhere


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