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Engine Cuts Out!!

so the other day took off the air box to replace filter and removed MAF, put everything back.

coincidentally little while after sitting at the red light, foot on clutch and in first gear, waiting for light to turn green, i hit the gas and and nothing....

look down at the cluster and RPM is at 0 and service light is on (hmmm weir i guess i stalled out??) press down on clutch and start the motor and drive off.

later that night taking and exit ramp down shift into second while turning and then RPM drops to 0 again and service light comes on again this time also with windshield washer fluid light and now crap! since car is off power steering is out(this happened while rolling)

this morning rolling then making a right turn in second happens again!!!!

then someone said "clean your MAF" so i got home from work and cleaned and drive again, seems fine and happened again this time like the first while stationary at a redlight again clutch down in first waiting for light to change.

WTFFFFFFFFF is GOING ON??? driving me nuts?

so far...

cleaned MAF

about to....

disconnect MAF and drive a few days and see if it happens again?

for all the techies, any other ideas?