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Is it safe to update Idrive (ccc) with winkfp and dcan cable?

I want to update the CCC modules in my E91 because of the scrolling feedback issue in mp3 discs.
I tried searching on various forums and found a lot of threads where people got problems after updating the CCC. Can anyone confirm that they managed to update CCC successfully with winkfp and k+dcan cable?

I'm running V45 daten and have successfully updated DME, FRM and Kombi with it.

I can't find the zb numbers for the ccc modules in my daten files, is it correct to update CC6260 CC3F60 CC4760 CC6360 and CCA060? Is there any specific order I have to update them in? Should I turn off the ignition between the updates?

I was told by a mechanic that I should remove the navigation disc, pull up the button under the hood, lower all the windows and lock the doors when programming. This is what I have done when programming other modules, but for this long update I want to keep the windows closed in case it starts raining. Is this safe?