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Originally Posted by Kerr View Post
As I said before, I think there is a strong chance that you have spot welds on the bulkhead that have failed.

It has happened to quite a few people including myself.

Mine was repaired a few months ago and has been fine since. Not exactly a simple job though.
After originally considering this and then discounting it for 'easier' fixes I'm thinking the same thing.

Originally Posted by Stringbag View Post
A dashboard rattle was driving me to distraction too. Thought about removing the dash and driving without it.
Turned out to be the plastic engine cover not located in the lugs at the rear and thus rattling on the scuttle (the bit that houses the pollen filter just in front of the wipers).
2 min later and all was quiet......
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it. Though I'm not holding my breath.