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Thanks for the quick reply and all the useful advice! Here's some responses to points you brought up...

You shouldn't be fighting the car
Yeah, sounds like I need to slow down. It feels like I'm trying to drive it beyond its limits. Which is frustrating, because it feels like the cornering capability does not match the accelerating/braking capability. But frustrating or not, I need to listen to the car and maximize what it can do.

Do you have an instructor in the car with you?
This last time out, I opted to not have an instructor to see how I did on my own. I agree. I still need an instructor. Next time...

If someone else can get in the car and drive faster than you
I'm sure that's the case. ;-)

Experiment pumping the front up some, that will improve turn-in responsiveness.
That's what I was thinking.

Do you know your alignment specs?
What's an alignment spec, and how do I figure mine out? :-)

The PS2s were a good choice in tire; they were stock on some BMW M cars for a while. Michelin Pilot Super Sport is the next step up from those
OK, my mistake. I thought PS2 was the nickname for Pilot Super Sport. Guess it's not. ;-) I have Pilot Super Sports. I agree, the grip is amazing. ;-)

you could consider new springs and dampers
Glad to know there is something I can do that doesn't sound like an outrageous investment. Thanks for all the specific recommendations.