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Originally Posted by Quebequer View Post
2.9 wow... That's impressive.
Did you put your FMIC/downpipes on?
Any 1/4 times?
Original post updated with what the car is running on right now.

This run was this morning on my way to work, unfortunately my only spot for 1/4 on the public roads fills up quickly with traffic very early. I did try a 1/4 last night, but it was ~85% humidity when I went out around 11pm and the roads were covered in dew. Still managed an 11.8 @ 120 with a mediocre 60' and crappy shifting. I'm hoping at the track, or on a dry road I can see < 11.5 @ 122-124 by switching to the larger nitrous jet and turning on my second meth nozzle.

The nitrous is so confusing to my brain, because I've driven my car so much that I shift at ~6200 rpm without thinking anymore. On nitrous you actually want it to run to redline because short shifting screws up timing, is rough on the trans AND with nitrous spraying there is useable power up to 6800 rpm.

Also funny is how weird it is to feel wheelspin in 2nd gear in an AWD car!