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I updated three modules without problems: cc6260, cc3f60 and cc4760.
Then I started updating cc6360 (mask/ccc) and left the car for a while.
When I returned to the car, I received an error message. Something about security access denied.

I let it charge for a while, then I tried updating once more.
At around 40%, the ignition turned off and back on, then the voltage dropped to around 12.7V. After two minutes I received this message:

I hooked up one more charger (a 4 amp. The other one is 16 amp) but it still couldn't get the voltage above 12.7v at that stage of the update and it failed one more time (this time at 49%)

When I turn on the ignition, the Idrive freeze at the BMW screen.

Do you think that I can recover my ccc with a larger power supply? I'm thinking of connecting it to a running car with jumper cables.