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Wash n go

I must say that cars in HK look immaculate!

At the end of an evening at a posh restaurant.
Diners waited inline for their cars to be driven to them.

Each car that arrived before me for their waiting owners was nothing short of showroom gloss standard. The spot lights on the porch combined with the cars xenons, bling bling wheels and ultra deep wet detailing redefined what a mirror should look like.

Then mine arrived...I was pretty ashamed when the spot lights revealed how grotty mine was. Even the waiting diners fainted in aghast! My date went missing and it was all going so well!

I've not washed it since I've got it and it doesn't help that where I'm staying they won't allow me to hose down or throw buckets of water over it like you do outside of HK.

So where in the New Territories can I just arrive and get the car clean for a reasonable price?