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Originally Posted by smarean View Post
So my questions are...
- Is it my driving? Should I just slow down more for the corners?
Since you mentioned that this was your 4th autox event, I would think that it's mostly because you were over-driving the car. Most beginners I've met over the years have the tendency to push the car around the corners. This not only makes you slower, but also increase tire wear on the outside shoulders. Most corners in an autox course are slow anyways, and they're pretty much all connected one after another. So if you mess up on the first corner, the subsequent corners will be messed up too, and that adds to more frustration on yourself. Slow down more in the corners to get faster lap times. Having an instructor will definitely help improve your driving.

Originally Posted by smarean View Post
- Is it the tire pressure? In another post, someone said they ran cold pressures of 45 front / 42 rear. Should I go higher in general? Should the front be higher than the rear?
Not sure if you got those tire pressures from my posts. Those are the pressures I normally run in an autox. This is to prevent the tires rolling over too much. And the reason for higher front pressures is because a stock suspension does not provide enough negative camber, therefore the front tire tends to wear quicker on the shoulders. If I had more negative camber up front, I would probably run the same tire pressures all around.

Originally Posted by smarean View Post
- Is it just the stock 335i? And if it is, then what are the mods that would be the biggest bang for the buck for tight autocross cornering?
Almost all modern cars are designed to understeer from the factory because it's easier and safer for most drivers to regain control from a panic situation. However, the alignment (like the other poster has mentioned) can be adjusted to provide a little better handling characteristics.

With all that said, I think the best thing for you to do is get as much seat time as you can. And while doing so, have an instructor to help you out. This will speed up your progress. When you get to the point where your lap times are dropping (without doing any mods to your car) and are competitive with other drivers, then you can consider other changes to your car.
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