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Originally Posted by Masterplan View Post
Kiemyster, Is there anyway to tell you have good stuff by looking at it? I rarely ever smoke it, but when I do....I never know what to look for.

Any tips?
absolutely. lets start with the wetness of the weed. most people make the big mistake for taking wet weed as being very potent and extra sticky. but the reality is that the weed is not dry enough to be consumed yet, it is still in its "curing" stage. if the weed is in this stage it will burn ineffeciently, very slow, uneven, alot of bad burning. it will have a harsh chemical or "green" taste to it. so how do you determine exactly if a nugget is ready to smoke or is in its curing stage?

Answer: take a nugget by the stem, and bend the stem itself. If the stem is very flexible and doesnt snap or break then the weed still needs to be cured. if the stem snaps that is a good sign. so what happens when you get a wet nugget? let it air out! put it in small ziplock bag and keep burping the air in the bag regularly (every hour or so) until it airs out and the stem can snap. you can leave the bag open for 10-15 minutes each interval to accelerate the process. t

the key is NOT to smoke wet weed, because the THC crystals wont burn properly and the smoke is not going to get you high. Also tell your dealer he gave you wet weed and you should be compensated because after the wet weed dries up, you end up getting less weight. you can easily loose 4-6gs per ounce if you buy a wet batch of weed.
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