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Originally Posted by Masterplan View Post
Kiemyster, Is there anyway to tell you have good stuff by looking at it? I rarely ever smoke it, but when I do....I never know what to look for.

Any tips?
now that we have established how to check if the weed is at its correct stage, lets move on to understanding the different types of weed and recognizing its effect on the individual.

its important to know that there are three types of weed, indica, sativa, and hybrid. a quick summary:

- Sleepy weed, gives a very narcotic high, very red and glossy eyes, alot of delayed movements. This is my favorite type of weed, this is what makes you feel the highest. Its the heaviest smoke there is, the plants dont grow over 2ft tall so they are very short. this means the nuggets are very fat and dense. It is easy to get 15g nuggets from indica strains. you can identify an indica strain by the density of the nugget. a very dense, short/fat, cone shaped/Christmas tree shaped nugget is an indica 99% of the time.

Sativa - energetic weed, gives a very motivational high, glossy eyes, gives the user a sense of sharpness, the urge to get things done is a usual feeling. This is what i would smoke in the day at school or at work, it does not give you a narcotic sensation. this is the best thing to smoke when you wake up to start your day, its like coffee. it gives you energy, it makes you motivated, it makes you want to get stuff done. i dont like it personally because i dont even notice im high, i dont feel any narcotic sensation. i feel very much sober and energetic when using it, its great for getting work done and focusing. you can identify a satica strain by the shape and stringiness of the nugget. sativa nuggets are very long, thin, and flimsy. they have a cylindrical shape to it and are never very thick, they can be dense but the nuggets have a wraparound look as the buds wrap around the stem whereas the indica will grow out of the stem like a Christmas tree.

Hybrid - hybrid strains dominate the market, and there is a 90% chance that most (if not all) the weed you ever smoked was hybrid strains. hybrid strains have a combination of sativa and indica in its genes. it can be determined what the percentage difference is of the strain once you find out the name of it. a hybrid usually has more of one characteristic than the other, i.e 70% indica and 30%sativa, etc. the effects of a hybrid are a combination of the both, and will differ by which strain is more dominant. I much rather smoke a hybrid before i would smoke a straight sativa, that would be last resort.

so the reason i explained all of this is because it is important to know what you want out of your smoke. people like me would smoke a sativa that gets everyone else extremely high but i would not feel it at all. i dont enjoy the high, so if someone gave me a nugget of high grade sativa i would laugh at it, and call it trash. but this is not true, it is high grade, just not to me. the idea is for you to know what you want out of your smoke so you can buy the right kinds so you are not disappointed with what you buy.
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