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The DIY instructions at the start of this thread are perfect. I was a little worried about bending the headliner to get to the clips at first, but not worries - it popped right back into place.

I could not get one of the electrical connectors disconnected from the console, so my wife held it out of the way while I worked. The grounding lug was also a pain to get to as I had to bend the headliner away from my ratchet handle so I could work. I also had to tape the grounding wire to roof while I tightened the lug back down because it kept getting pushed out as the 10mm bolt turned.

The one final difficulty I had was getting the piggy back wire to stay in good contact. I had soldered the strands ahead of time, but the 16g wire, though the same size as the wires in the V1 kit, were too big for the hole in the connect with the green/white wire. I filed down the tip of the piggyback wire to a flat spade shape and it slipped right it to the slot and now everything works perfectly.

Thanks for the DIY write-up!