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Originally Posted by Masterplan View Post
Kiemyster, Is there anyway to tell you have good stuff by looking at it? I rarely ever smoke it, but when I do....I never know what to look for.

Any tips?
Smell. Looks are pretty much useless in judging unless you know how to identify trichromes. If it has a sweet smell, or potent smell, it's usually the vast amount of THC and trichromes. If you have ever smelled keif, you'd see what I'm saying. Most people will try to tell you how good it looks hoping you won't care about the smell.

Density- it almost always dictates potency. If it's really hard dense buds, that weigh a lot for one bud, it's usually better quality than a fluffy bud. It's not always the case, but usually it can be used to determine the quality as long as it smells, too.

Keiy already touched on the wetness of it, and he's correct.