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Originally Posted by Jhayd11 View Post
I also try and think of the seller in your case. You have an 85k car. people looking for a car will most likely put in a search result of "50-100k" or "up to 100k." This means your car is competing with those on the market. Clear Book has a 99k car trade in value of about 17.4k.

These numbers are stil very bullish and you may have to come down, but a quick look on auto trader has every 335i listed above 20k.

When I traded one car in, I went 750 under Clear Book, but used that difference for the dealer to thrown in delivery (a 4 hour drive) and new tires all around.
makes 0 sense for me to really think of the seller especially since hes making money off of me on the car im purchasing.
he offered me THOUSANDS less than clearbook. not a few hundred. ive seen 335s going for at least 20k with the higher mileage ones listed for about 23k and the lower ones going for 27K.

why would i take 12 - 13500 when i know the car sells for much more?