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This entire subject, post and practice violates the user agreement that this asshole signed when entering into a contract with carfax. The terms of the contract he agreed to provide that he will be charged full price for every report that he runs for this nefarious purpose. The user is prohibited from reselling the reports and of course carfax keeps track of which VINs are run under which accounts.

My Carfax rep is a nice guy who works hard and frankly, I don't like seeing easy-road get-rich-quick assholes like the O/P put one over on anybody, least of all taking food off the table of hard-working dudes like my Carfax sales rep.

Sure, just like Microsoft operating systems should be free because, hey, I'm just one person using Windows to do stuff on my own. But illegal is illegal, bullshit is bullshit and scammers are scammers.

Use ebay's Autocheck product (FOR FREE!) instead of being a party to a crime.

Paying some lazy teet sucker $5 for something he is stealing from carfax is like buying your radar detector back from the dick who broke into your car and stole it last night.

WAKE UP! Then write your Congressman and tell him to make public record accessible! Get access to the same information that carfax markets with a cute little animatronic critter and $100,000 TV commercials- FOR FREE! As public record was intended!

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