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Freaking traction control, shortest track session ever

I was having a bad day today, I somehow managed to cook a set of brand-new DTC70s (as in pads are now white color) & split a guiding pin. So here I am trying to salvage the situation, going out late on session 3 and I forget to turn off traction control. I've been keeping logs on my settings for 2+ years, this is the first time I forgot.

Very easy 1st lap testing the brakes, water/oil temps low and on the very first time I open the throttle, limp mode. Pit in, restart, half a lap later at the uphill (complete traction loss, as expected), limp mode. %$#@$@$!@#@#%@# and this one stayed on, wouldn't go off after restarting the car. Since this was a 1-day event I had decided to not bring my laptop and BT cable so I limped home, reset adaptations and the limp mode disappeared.

Freaking traction control strikes again

PS. Another option: One of the calipers was dragging due to the broken sliding pin, I'm wondering if traction control detected different rotational speeds between left/right wheels and caused the 1st limp mode? hmmm.....

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