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Originally Posted by bigj505 View Post
makes 0 sense for me to really think of the seller especially since hes making money off of me on the car im purchasing.
he offered me THOUSANDS less than clearbook. not a few hundred. ive seen 335s going for at least 20k with the higher mileage ones listed for about 23k and the lower ones going for 27K.

why would i take 12 - 13500 when i know the car sells for much more?
I just did a pull from the main online car sales here and haven't seen one 07 335i SEDAN with over 50k going for 27... only convertibles.

The high mark sedan for my area (25 miles around DC) is 24k. Yes there is one private seller listing at 28k, but I don't think anyone is going to call him for that one.

As for what I said about thinking of the seller, you spelled it out but disagree for some reason. These folks are here to make a living... and afford their own bimmers. They are not going to be able to do that by buying your car for 500 under the sale market, sell you a another car for 500 hundred over what they paid and still pay for the lot, sales team, service team, and all the other fees it takes to run a business. If you are buying new, they can offer you more on your trade (unless you have haggled out every other option you could) but for a low priced online used car, they have little room to gift you on your trade.

If you want high profit/sales margins... try selling and buying privately.

Just expect A LOT of pain in the ass procedures you never realized a dealer took care of.