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Originally Posted by mccoy View Post
Although, I've just come across these that look interesting.. I was originally after a set of painted black splitters but couldnt find any but now i have found these.. I can paint them myself so would work out cheaper.. Anyone bought these and know of fitment/quality?

I am one for a good fit though so if they are not as good as the SSDD ones, I will go for them and keep the CF..

do not buy from mstyle you're wasting your time believe me do some research on them on this forum or just ask anyone who's been on here long enough they're a bunch of clueless cowboys...apparently the guy who runs the business Paul is ok but i've never dealt with him the others well they're basically chavs

Go with Teddy i bought my fibre glass CSL bootlid from him although my quality was pretty shit never realised till i took it to a bodyshop to get sprayed was full of pitting and wasnt solid...had to get it blocked and strenghtened then painted cost me 500 and even now theres a slight crack in it and it's gone all wavy but hey thats fibre glass for you and it just depends on the mold...guess you learn as you mod it's all an experience

BUT HANDS DOWN Teddy at SSDD over Mstyle ANY DAY