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Review: Impressive AutoWerk (NY) & ModMy3

Not great at writing reviews but going to share my experience with both of the mentioned. I'm very happy with the results. I was pretty hesitant at first on where to order from, as well as getting it installed/painted but now I know where to go to in the future.

Mtech e90 Rear Bumper, dual exhaust diffuser (ModMy3)
M3 Side Skirts (forum member, bought it from **********s)

Comments about ModMy3:
Customer Service/Contact: A++, Marie answered my questions promptly & was very courteous, patient with me throughout all our PMs because the main concern for me was fitment. She never once pressured me into rushing to a decision. Marie, I appreciate the time you spent on my order & receiving your call to ensure the packaged was attentioned to John @ Impressive.
Fitment: 10/10, there were no issues with anything. I didn't need any additional guides.
Shipment & Condition: Very quick, packaged securely, flawless condition.

Comments about Impressive:
Paint: Top notch, did it while they had their promotion. This was the main reason why I pulled the trigger because I knew painting the bumper would be costly. So why not get it painted & installed in one shot.
Installation of rear bumper: No issues. Old bumper off, new bumper on. Fitment was spot on. John was impressed with that too.
Installation of M3 side skirts: This was no walk in the park. The fitment was horrible. Impressive was the 2nd shop I went to & by this point I told John, to try whatever it took to get it put on. So they had to shave/trim, as well as secure it better to keep it intact.

Overall Experience: POSITIVE
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