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don't goto the guys at wilson wash and wax. I had previously purchased one of their bundles out of empathy for the sales person. Recently i was nearing the expiry date and he used the same schtick on me again. I told him no because i was never really satisfied with their work. Came back the car wasn't washed very well, had dirt stains on the lower skirts. My chair was put into the most forward position, passenger seat was put into the most back position and my mirrors were fucked around with. Bunch of douche bags. Also it seemed like my car had a few minor scratch marks that i don't know if it came from rocks (which it would be too tidy) or from menacing low paid workers and because i had signed his little disclaimer stating car had "imperfections" i can't do shit about it either. I live in the New Territories too but i either goto cars in TST or i bring it to Carsland in north point.