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Originally Posted by pseto View Post
you won't get any where near KBB, NADA, etc at a dealer for trade, it just won't happen unless they are making up the difference somewhere else (like on the sale of a car you're buying). I've bought/sold cars via private sale many times and I can fully understand why dealers gives nothing on trade (the headache of dealing with the MVA is worth a few thouands IMO).

if you want to get anything close to KBB then buy/sell privately, its the only way
maybe i drive the wrong car then when its standard to lowball trade-in values on BMWs. im definiltey not about that culture especially when there is a clear difference between trade and suggested retail.

i can understand there has to be some give and im all for it in negotiating. but to say, hey, its a bmw so im going to give you at least 3K less than trade in value so i can sell it for at least a 7K profit. it makes no sense. and this was at a bmw dealer.
its not like i was going to buy another 3 series. i was buying a M3 which has a higher cost anyways.

i traded in an 08 civic si with 70k on it for 13500 when bb trade in was 13500. 0 haggle. just hey it says ur car is worth this so here you go. i doubt im being unreasonable at all.