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Originally Posted by The Low Key OG View Post
Dad told me to find a good deal on a loaded 3 series for under $30k with low miles. This was May 2011, I just turned 16. The car was going to be his.

Being the 16 year old I was, I didn't care. That meant one thing, stock 335i coupe with sport package.

Found some good 335is, with no options. Showed the listings to my dad, he wouldn't consider them. He wanted iDrive, heated seats, the prem package, etc. I eventually found a nicely equipped 2007 335i sedan, but it sold before we got to test drive it. We test drove a different 335i that we didn't like and he said it had more power than I would need. 335i wasn't really an option then. All my weeks of avoiding and nitpicking 328is became futile.

Finally, in August 2011 I found the car. 2009 328i Sedan, loaded, with 3,500 miles. It was priced at $28,750(!). We took the 75 mile trip to the middle of nowhere, test drove it, and bought it. A 3500 mile car in the current bodystyle for $15k under sticker. It was practically brand new.

Now it's mine. I'm gonna spend some of my savings on tuning it and making it look better. I don't know why my dad bought me a nearly $30k first car, but I love it and I'll be driving it for awhile I won't have a real job untill my early 30s if my plans work out.

Tl;dr my dad bought it.
my first car was a bucket. 79' Impala. kinda wish i still had it.