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Saw a really odd modified E92 maybe M3?! driving east on Highway 7 towards McCowan yesterday at around 7:00pm. It was all wrapped mat red, and had a body kit on it, with some black (maybe CF) accents all around. Had something odd on the front edge of the hood, not sure if it was covering something or what. I noticed it in the last second as it was driving west on Highway 7 because the person driving revved really loudly (probably once he saw me coming in the opposite direction). I heard this loud nose, looked over and thought "What riced out car is th....wait what...thats an E92?!?!" lol....I dunno maybe its a sweet ride, but at first glance it looked odd to me. Person driving definitely revved it up once he saw me coming in the opposite direction. So yes, I noticed you. Maybe its being done up for Importfest?!

On a side note, just passed McCowan on Highway 7, there was a crazy accident at around 7:30 or so. One car was literally sitting on top of the other. The one car must have hit the other one head on at such a speed that it drove over the hood and perched itself on top of the other car's roof. I stopped to get gas next to the accident, but didn't have a chance to take a photo. Must have been 3 or so ambulances, 2-3 fire trucks, and LOTS of police cars. Complete chaos, lots of people on the sidewalk looking on at the carnage. Don't see something like that everyday. Not sure if anyone died.