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Originally Posted by Grant@DetailAddict View Post
E B046 BATT_46AH //46 Ah-Batterie
E B055 BATT_55AH //55 Ah-Batterie
E B070 BATT_70AH //70 Ah-Batterie
E B080 BATT_80AH //80 Ah-Batterie
E B090 BATT_90AH //90 Ah-Batterie
E A070 BATT_AGM_70AH //70 Ah-AGM Batterie
E A080 BATT_AGM_80AH //80 Ah-AGM Batterie
E A090 BATT_AGM_90AH //90 Ah-AGM Batterie

In your VO (FA) List you should find $B080 if your old battery is 81 ah.
You will need to delete that, add the closest match from the list above back in, then FA_Write the new VO to CAS and FRM/NFRM, THEN code CAS. Then you can use the register battery option in Tool32.
The DIY shows there is a 40 ah option for the AGM batteries, but it doesn't show that in the this list???
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